Granite Mountain Hotshots – Keeping the Spirit Alive

Granite Mountain Hotshots – Keeping the Spirit Alive
Granite Mountain Hotshots – Keeping the Spirit Alive 2016-10-27T13:01:13+00:00
Granite Mountain Hotshots

This website is a permanent living memorial to the crew of the 2013 Granite Mountain Hotshots.  Since their deaths on June 30, 2013 a lot has been said and written about them and about the incident.  However, as time passes much of that information becomes buried within the millions of internet articles and websites.  The goal here is to create one place where anyone can find information about the tragedy and about the crew members – and have it always be here.

The Granite 19 Mission

  • To permanently keep the memory and spirit of the GMHS alive.
  • To better our communities and raise money for worthy organizations.
  • To honor all members of the crew by donating funds to charity on their behalf.
  • To encourage Americans to adopt a fit and healthy lifestyle.
  • To do this as a community service and on a not-for-profit basis.

Encouraging America to Get Out and Get Fit

Hotshots are known to be some of the fittest individuals around.  As such, one of our missions is to encourage Americans to get out and exercise.  Start something new.  Set a goal to run a 5k this year.  Set a higher goal – go farther than you have before.

On behalf of the Granite Mountain Hotshots, will be organizing virtual run and cycling events.  These events will encourage people, especially kids, to get out and hit the pavement or trails.

These virtual events will raise money for worthwhile organizations.  ALL PROCEEDS WILL BE DONATED, AND DONATED IN THE NAME OF THE GRANITE MOUNTAIN HOTSHOTS. More info coming soon.

The Crew of the Granite Mountain Hotshots of 2013

Eric Shane Marsh
Age: 43
Jesse James Steed
Age: 36
Clayton Thomas Whitted
Age: 28
Joe Thurston
Age: 32
William “Billy” Warneke
Age: 25
Wade Scott Parker
Age: 22
Travis Turbyfill
Age: 27
Travis Carter
Age: 31
Sean Misner
Age: 26
Scott Norris
Age: 28
Robert Caldwell
Age: 23
Kevin Woyjeck
Age: 21
John Percin
Age: 24
Grant Mckee
Age: 21
Garret Zuppiger
Age: 27
Dustin Deford
Age: 24
Chris Mackenzie
Age: 30
Anthony Rose
Age: 23
Andrew Ashcraft
Age: 29
Brendan McDonough
The sole survivor of the hotshot crew killed by the Yarnell Hill Fire. We’re glad you’re still with us Doughnut.